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Oxfordshire Countryside - Landscape Companions.

Five Local Circular Country Walks.

The five-page 12-page A4 colour-coded landscape companions can also be purchased individually for 0.75p as seen below. ISBN 978-948444-44-9 Thematic Trails 2003. £4.00

Map of five Oxfordshire walks

These Landscape Companions consist of five 12-page guides which each give comprehensive written and map instructions for following each walk. However, the main purpose of these 'landscape companions' is to provide an engaging illustrated commentary on the human and natural landscape through which these walks progress. The walks are set within the countryside known as the 'Golden Ridge', some 12 miles to the west of Oxford.

A stout A4 water-resistant plastic folder is provided and this also contains; a large two-sided colourful map (510mm X 420m) showing all five colour-coded recommended circular walks in the Kingston Bagpuize, Longworth and Hinton area. The map is folded to pocket-size.

A4 size. 60 pages, 43 photos, 18 maps, 19 illustrations.

The five 12-page A4 colour-coded landscape companions can also be purchased individually for 0.50p as seen below.

Here are our colour coded walks.

GREEN WALK Start: Longworth Square – Harrowdown Hill – Thames – Newbridge – Common Lane – Longworth (4 mile walk).
YELLOW WALK Start: Kingston Bagpuize -Swannybrook -Sheephouse Fm -Little London - Longworth - Southmoor. (7 miles).
RED WALK Start: Hinton Waldrist Church - Duxford -Tadpole Bridge -Buckland -Pusey -Charney Bassett- Cherbury Camp- Hinton. (21miles)
PURPLE WALK Start: Longworth Square – Hinton Waldrist – Duxford - Hall Ham – Harrowdown Hill – Longworth. (5.5 miles).
ORANGE WALK Start: Southmoor - Fyfield – Rainbow Bridge – Thames – Newbridge – Draycott Moor – Southmoor. (5.5 miles).