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Longworth & District History Society
actively exploring the history of our parishes

Who is who ~ what do we do?

Longworth & District History Society's Committee

Kathy Fletcher
10 Draycott Rd., Southmoor, Abingdon, OX13 5BY.
Tel: 01865-820193
Secretary Pam Woodward
Programme / Correspondence/
Minutes / Tickets
Tel: 01865-820500
Treasurer Chris Bowerman  
Membership Secretary Pat Dando
Catering Co-ordinator
Publications Peter Keene Tel: 01865-820522
Librarian Beryl Anderson  
Wills Project Officer & Web Master Jill Muir Tel: 01865-820493
Archives Kathy Fletcher, Pam Woodward & Mary Shaw  
Archives Correspondence Janet Keene  
Front of House Pat Dando, Barbara Murrell  
General Meetings Chair Martin Eagle  
Refreshments Pat Dando, Mary Shaw, Sue Potter  
Photo Archivist & Visual Aids Roger Mentz  
Longworth Rep & Publicity Martin Eagle  
Village Hall Ron Green  
Non Committee Helpers  
Bar Refreshments Nigel Shaw  
Seating Nigel Beale & Others